How to help a Person from a Wheelchair to the Shower

Updated: Jan 30

One important service we offer is bathing of our clients. Many are wheelchair bond and though it may seem simple there are step to do this safely.

1. Install grab bars on either side of the tub.

2. Place a shower seat in the bathtub, add a non-slip mat to the bottom of your shower seat.

3. Position yourself behind them with your arms under theirs so you can lift them up lifting one leg out of the wheelchair at a time until both feet are on solid footing.

4. Gently guide them into the shower, and make sure there is enough room for both of you inside.

5. Once they are seated comfortably, use a washcloth or sponge to clean off any excess dirt on their skin before turning on the water.

6. Turn off the water when finished and help them out of the shower.

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